Welcome to The Wednesday Club

The purpose of The Wednesday Club shall be to enrich the
lives of the members and to raise the standards of culture
and community service in the area.


Our programs are held on Wednesday afternoons from October to March at 3:45 PM. Coffee is served at 3:15 PM. The programs are free and everyone in the community is invited to attend. We are located at 1002 Main Street, Danville, VA.




An Afternoon of Music
     presented by Dr. Detra Davis and Dr. Anne Lewis 

Detra Davis, Professor of Voice from Averett University (AU), is originally from The Virgin Islands. She earned her Doctor of Musical Arts in voice performance from UNC-Greensboro. Anne Lewis is Chair of the AU Music Department. She completed her music studies at Baylor University, the Music Academy of the West and UNCGreensboro. In addition to teaching and performing, she is involved in musical theatre and training aspiring actors at AU. She will accompany Detra on the piano.




House of Hope, A new Era in Homelessness Services
     presented by Jude Swanson

Jude Swanson is Pittsylvania County native and a Graduate of Averett University. Jude also attended Wake Forest School of Divinity in Winston-Salem in 2018. After his Wake Forest graduation, he was asked what was next for him. His response was to return to Danville and to assist with the revitalization of the Dan River region. He was true to his word. He is the Executive Director of The House of Hope, a homeless shelter serving men, women and children. Join us as we find out more about The House of Hope.

Scholarship Fund

For decades The Wednesday Club has supported educational projects and provided academic scholarships to Danville and Pittsylvania County high school seniors. In these increasingly difficult times, it is more important than ever to help students defray some of the rising costs of college tuition. Please consider making a donation to the Scholarship Fund so that The Wednesday Club can continue to offer this important benefit to our community.

Make checks payable to The Wednesday Club and designate "The Wednesday Club Scholarship Fund" on the memo line. Mail to:

          The Wednesday Club
          1002 Main Street
          Danville, VA 2451

The Wednesday Club is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

Miss Augusta Yates, Founder

History of The Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club of Danville, Virginia, was established in 1893 by Miss Augusta Yates. Initially, the 12 charter members wrote, researched, and presented programs on a wide variety of subjects.

As the character of the club gradually changed, its horizons broadened and its emphasis became civic endeavors. As early as 1902-03, civic consciousness was awakened in the club as the members visited the public schools to investigate sanitary conditions. This activity was the beginning of many improvements The Wednesday Club has brought to the area.

During both World War I and World War II, the members supported the war effort by giving hundreds of volunteer hours on the home front. In 1927, the Club established one of its most outstanding contributions to the community, the Crippled Children’s Clinic. Over the years thousands of patients visited the clinic and received free medical assistance. Members were also instrumental in the establishment of the public library.

As the Club’s membership increased, a larger space for meetings became necessary. In 1922 a permanent home at 1002 Main Street was purchased and replaced at the same location with a new building in 1970. Presently the membership is approximately 250.

In August 2002, the Club established The Wednesday Club Endowment. The purpose of the Endowment is exclusively for charitable and educational projects within the community served by the Club. The Club makes financial donations to various organizations and awards scholarships annually to deserving high school students. For over 100 years, The Wednesday Club’s purpose has been to enrich the lives of its members and to raise the standards of culture and community service in the area. It accomplishes this by presenting distinguished speakers and artists of the highest quality and national reputation. The Club’s programs, which are always available to the public at no cost, are arranged by eight departments: Art, Civics, Current Events, Drama, Education, History, Literature, and Music.