Fall Tea, October 26, 2023

Our members enjoying themselves after the first Business Meeting of the 2022-2023 club year. 

The Magnolia Tree

In September 2021 we removed the magnolia tree that had stood majestically in from of The Wednesday Club for almost 100 years. The roots from the tree were allow moisture to seep into the building. 

Artworks from The Magnolia Tree

Karl Stauber created works of art from the wood of The Magnolia and donated them to us. We held a silent auction to raise funds. Thank you, Karl!!

Game Day 2020

Covid canceled our event but the leprechauns created a little mischief by decorating the club house. 

Valentine Gala 2023

What a fun night we had learning about wine from our good friend, Dave Slayton. 

Game Day March 14, 2023

Game Day is always a fun event.